PARC and Nestlè agree to promote water-saving technologies

PARC and Nestle have agreed to work together to promote technologies that aid water and energy scarcity in Pakistan

The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Nestlè Pakistan will together promote smart water-saving and eco-friendly technology as a solution to the country’s current energy crisis.

A memorandum was signed in April between the partners at an event which showcased solar-powered water-saving technologies at the CEWRI Field Station of the PARC-National Agricultural Research Centre.

Featured products designed to meet the needs of farmers included the Atomized Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System for intercropping in the Citrus Orchard, Atomized Bubbler Irrigation System for Citrus Orchard, Atomized Drip Irrigation System for Pear Orchard, Solar pump of 20 with 20 kilowatts and Atomized Soil moisture sensor.

As part of the agreement, Nestlé will lend technical assistance to PARC for the installation of drip irrigation systems, which have been shown to revive crop production in stressed environments.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar, Chairman, PARC in his speech told that Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) said solar energy could prove an efficient way of fulfilling the country’s power needs. He added however that PARC would focus its efforts on the role of water, 80 percent of which is used in Pakistan for agricultural purposes.

Fazal Abbas Maken, federal secretary of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, said that the ministry would work with a range of target stakeholders including all national level NGOs and rural communities, consumers, sister departments of government and civil societies.