International Water Association

We have to be smart when renewing our water networks

Pierre Sommereijns, CEO of GRP pipe producer Amiblu, talks about future challenges and renovation options for pipe networks.   Why is the European water network in...




Webinar: Survey – What people think about water

There’s no doubt water is vitally important. Yet, most people don’t think about it much. Or do they? Earlier this year, we polled nearly...
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Connecting the pieces of the digital water puzzle

Developments in areas such as digital twins, instrumentation and artificial intelligence all connect to open up digital opportunities for utilities. The Source hears from contributors on...
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Wuhan Water’s ‘Safe Mode’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Yifan Wang and Wenxin Qu of Wuhan Water Group Company Limited present the utility's 'Safe Mode' for water treatment plant operation during the COVID-19...
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Quebec’s Canadian water efficiency first

The Canadian province of Quebec is making progress with its ambitious new water efficiency strategy, supporting loss reduction across some 800 municipalities.   The Canadian province...

International: WHO launches new Strategy Plan to 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled a global plan to better integrate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services with four other public health...
Perth, Western Australia, one of the cities participating in the water sensitive cities project (© Bruce Aspley / iStock)

Realising the vision of a water sensitive city

Six cities around Australia have developed collaborative visions of what a water sensitive future looks like for them and are now working to implement these....


Opening the flow from local capital markets

Netherlands-based Water Finance Facility aims to connect utilities in developing countries with local capital markets. The Source spoke to CEO Jean-Pierre Sweerts.   To achieve the...

Why rights unlock resilience