iwater – International Integrated Water Cycle Show – Supported

13-15 October, Barcelona, Spain


AWA/IWA Young Water Professionals Conference 2018
22-24 February, Melbourne, Australia


Water Resource Recovery Modelling 2018
10-14 March, Lac Beauport, Quebec City Region, Canada

9th Global Leakage Summit
13-14 March, London, United Kingdom

IWA Biofilms: Granular Sludge System Conference 2018
18-21 March, Delft, Netherlands

Wasser Berlin International
26-28 March, Berlin, Germany


Water Loss 2018
07-09 May, Cape Town, South Africa

10th Eastern European IWA YWP Conference
07-12 May, Zagreb, Croatia

The 2nd Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products Conference
14-18 May, Beijing, China

Sludge Management in Circular Economy (SMICE)
23-25 May, Rome, Italy

LET 2018 – The15th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies
27-31 May, Nanjing, China


IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse and Salinity Management
11-15 June, Murcia, Spain

4th IWA Specialized International Conference – Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment
25-27 June, London, Ontario, Canada


13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2018)
01-06 July, Palermo, Italy

Singapore Water Convention 2018
08-12 July, Singapore


6th International Dry Toilet Conference 2018
20-24 August, Tampere, Finland


IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018
16-21 September, Tokyo, Japan

11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling (UDM2018)
23-26 September, Palermo, Italy

16th International Conference of the IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control
30 September – 04 October, Valencia, Spain


15th International Specialised Conferences on Small Water and Wastewater Systems
14-18 October, Haifa, Israel

XIII Latin American Workshop and Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion (DAALXIII)
21-24 October, Medellin, Colombia

IWA Regional Conference on Opportunities for Water Reuse in Southeast Asia
31 October – 02 November, Phuket, Thailand


Pretreatment Industrial Water
27-30 November, Frankfurt, Germany