International Water Association

Preservation of water resources is at the heart of the OCP Group’s development strategy

With exclusive access to the world’s largest phosphate reserves and operating the world’s largest industrial installations, all designed according to the highest international processing, technology and industrial facility standards, OCP...

Sweco contributes to improving the water situation in Jordan

About 70 percent of Jordan has an annual rainfall of less than 100mm. However, the population and water demand have increased during recent years...


Progress on the path to reinventing the toilet

The UK’s Cranfield University took up the Gates Foundation’s Reinvent The Toilet challenge in 2012. From that has come a self-contained, waterless solution, which...


Research reveals gross underestimation of desalination brine production

Research led by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health has revealed “gross underestimations” of the amount of brine produced as a...

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