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The Source aspires to provide the curious water professional with the best tools that broaden our understanding of the source of life. No tool is sharper than scientific research. This page distils and offers a sample of key articles, selected by editors of the International Water Association’s specialty journals, and peer reviewed by experts in each field

Demystifying Blockchain for Water Professionals: Part 1

As professionals who work in the multidisciplinary water sector, we need to be aware of what new technologies are available, and how they can...

Water Science & Technology

Tracking changes in the optical properties and molecular composition of dissolved organic matter during drinking water production By E.E. Lavonen, D.N. Kothawala, L.J. Tranvik, M....

Water Policy Journal

Interaction between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Orleans Levee Board preceding the drainage canal wall failures and catastrophic flooding of New...

The Journal of Hydroinformatics

An enquiry into the place of systems analysis in the politics of water and the environment By J. Philip O’Kane Over the last fifty years, economic...


How to make your city water-wise

The Source puts the IWA’s new urban principles to the test Water visions precede action. Yet it’s easy to offer “building blocks” to plan...


SUEZ to treat wastewater at Rosneft sites

SUEZ has agreed to implement its water treatment technologies to improve water and wastewater processes for Rosneft, the Russian oil firm. A formal agreement was...

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