The Source is focused on the international water sector. The magazine’s readers work in all aspects of water-related engineering, science and management, particularly in the areas of water resources, municipal water supply and wastewater / sanitation, industrial water and wastewater management, urban water management, and management of the aquatic environment.

Press releases

Supply of press releases and other short items is welcome. These will be considered for inclusion in sections such as News, Solutions, Research & Innovation, and Reading. These will be included and edited at the magazine’s discretion and may appear unattributed. Items should be submitted to

Sponsored content

Commercial items appearing as sponsored content can be included in the magazine. For further details, please contact our advertising agents, details here.


The magazine also accepts a limited number of more substantial contributed articles. Proposals for such articles are welcome, especially from IWA members. Contributors should contact the editor at with an initial proposal and will be advised on how to proceed.

Short proposals should highlight in particular current and future activity and needs, and relevance to an international audience. Proposals should preferably involve multiple authors and geographies.


Below is an outline of some of the main broad themes being covered by the magazine in 2020. Any topic of relevance can be covered at any time, and editions will include other special focus themes aimed in particular at exploring aspects of progressing global water solutions. The main themes will be covered regularly, but are scheduled to have more attention in the editions indicated below.

  • Analysis / monitoring (focus in December issue)
  • Industrial water (focus in June issue)
  • Municipal water supply and desalination (focus in December issue)
  • Municipal sewage (focus in March and September issues)
  • Supply and sewer networks (focus in March issue)
  • Urban water (focus in June issue)
  • Digital water (focus in September issue)

The suggested deadlines for initial proposals for more substantial articles in specific editions are:

  • June 2020 edition: 13/3/20
  • September 2020 edition: 11/5/20
  • December 2020 edition: 3/8/20