Pollutec 2016 to introduce innovation spots


This year Pollutec is to introduce innovation spots, specific exhibition areas co-hosted by professional, institutional and academic partners, together with eco-innovative start-up clusters.

The potential of digital technologies to increase the yield and effectiveness of environmental products and services is featured prominently in the debates and solutions presented by exhibitors. Every sector is concerned, whether it is water (smart pump systems, “plug and play” interconnected boxes, online analysis tools, Android-based leak detectors), waste (innovative trash collection systems equipped with virtual reality technology, smart bins), air (mobile app for remote sampling systems), or urban planning (solutions for monitoring and analysing IoT data). Issues related to atmospheric modelling and nanotechnology in smart water programmes are also becoming more important.

Another major trend this year is the fight against marine trash pollution. Solutions to keep waste out of aquatic environments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These techniques use strategies that are lower-impact (optimised reed filters, biosorption layers that trap heavy metals in the water) and more effective (optimised treatment of cooling towers to combat the risk of Legionellosis disease, dedicated tools for cleaning asbestos surfaces).

Treatment and recycling strategies are also increasingly sophisticated. For example, the range of composites and metals that can be recovered is constantly expanding and includes phosphorus, precious metals from electrical and electronic equipment, palladium, and soiled plastic packaging. Recycling these materials provides an even higher quality of service and thereby satisfies demands from the industrial sector. Optical solutions are also offering new applications (a measurement system that detects sludge viscosity, optical sorting of black plastics). Moreover, concrete steps towards industrial energy self-sufficiency are starting to emerge (optimised cold production by recovering lost heat).

Finally, the current shift in the recycling industry caused by the growing presence of new materials; the emergence of the end-of-life vehicle, pleasure craft, and construction waste industries; and the development of the ecological engineering sector are all subjects that are currently in the news and included in the trade show’s agenda this year. Opportunities created by recent changes in regulations (expansion of plastic recycling, indoor air quality, biodiversity, energy performance of the service sector) and standards (ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001 + Pro SMEn) will also be discussed during the event by relevant experts. More generally, methods and means for saving and avoiding the waste of materials and energy will be addressed through special presentations along with the issue of fostering collaboration between stakeholders and inter-company discussion, particularly through flow synergies.

About Pollutec 2016

Organised by Reed Expositions from 29 November to 2 December at Eurexpo Lyon, Pollutec 2016 brings together all industry sectors linked to the environment: waste/recycling of raw materials, water and waste water, energy, instrumentation/metrology/automation, air, sites and soils, risks, responsible purchasing/CSR in an area of 100,000 m2. It proposes to examine a number of major global themes in parallel five focuses: sustainable city, sustainable industry in the future, aquatic and coastal environment, agriculture, hospitals and sustainable development. The flagship event for environmental innovation since 1978, Pollutec exhibits some 200 innovative solutions every year on its stands and during its lectures and prize-giving ceremonies.

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